Improving Health of Patients with Long Term Conditions via Medloop

We are delighted to announce that the Shakespeare Health Centre has partnered with Medloop, a company which provides patient management solutions in GP surgeries around the UK.

Covid-19 has highlighted the very real need for changes to be made in how GPs operate which incorporates remote consultations and medical reviews which maintain high standards of personalised, expert advice and treatment.

In the coming weeks, patients with eligible long-term chronic conditions, will be sent a visit survey via a SMS to their mobile number. The surveys take between 5 -10 minutes to complete and are designed to gather the information needed to ensure ongoing conditions are being professionally managed. They are designed to save patients time and lower wait times, so you get the care you want.

As well as using the latest technology to cut down on the time it takes for you to see your doctor or other practitioner, the reviews will be conducted by a nurse who has a specialist interest in your long term condition to ensure you have a comprehensive review remotely.

Lastly, Medloop also offers a smartphone app to further empower you in your care. The Medloop smartphone app is designed around the NHS’s own philosophy of patient-centered care and allows you to enjoy services such as appointment booking, repeat prescription requests and for you to view your medical record summary.

To use this service you will need to download the free Medloop app available from the Apple App store HERE or Google Play store HERE.

We know that some people may be nervous about moving to a new process for something which is as important as their health but the app has been designed to help you, the patients, have the best possible treatment from your primary care provider by using safe and secure technology which empowers you to be at the center of your own health.

How can I download and use Medloop

If you have any questions about this new process, you can speak to a member of the Medloop customer service team at or +44 330 808 1000.

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